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Delivery Options

At Pearson’s we understand that the needs of our customers vary.  We offer multiple delivery options to fit all of your propane needs.  Feel free to stop in or call our office to find out what will work best for you!

Keep Fill

Let the computer do the work!  We use a degree day system that calculates your tank percentage based on past usage and weather.  Our intentions are to refill your tank when you are around 20%.  You are always welcome to call us prior to 20% for a fill.  (Keep Fill is subject to credit approval.)

Deliver on Notice

You call us when you would like a refill.  We do ask that you not let the tank get below 20% to ensure we can service you in times of high demand.

If you experience an out of gas situation there will be fees for same day, next day and/or after hours deliveries.  A leak check of the system must be performed if there is an interruption in service.

Partial Fills

-We have a minimum gallon delivery depending on your tank size.

Tank Size           Minimum Fill

1000 gal             300 gal

500 gal               225 gal  

250/330 gal      125 gal

120 gal               FILL